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Susan McMahan 08/06/16
Recommend: Yes
Not user friendly, had a heck of a time paying my bill.
I had to create my account over. Then it said I owed $0.00, I tried to change it and it would not let me, so I just hit submit payment and immediately got "receipt" for my payment, not review or anything and I knew I only owed $32.00 and thankfully that it what it charged, but I had NO way of knowing what it would charge since I could no change the amount from $0.00 and I don't like not having a review before it just accepts the payment.

Excellent customer service. would highly recommend this facility to others.

Virginia Meler
We have found them very helpful and very willing to work with any problem we have ever encountered. Coy, the manager, is a delight to work with. Jimmy, the handy man, is one of the best. He is always more than happy to help with any problem you might have. And he solves it in short time.

5 gold stars for O'connor. Great customer service from management, facility maintenance, and grounds maintenance. Always there and willing to meet the needs of all tenants. A much needed and welcome change in management which also brought with it a terrific maintenance man who is always on site and availabe at a moments notice. And also the grounds maintenance girl continually keeps the facility clean and trash free and restrooms are always clean and well stocked with supplies. I would definately recommend O'connor to friends and family. Kudos to O'connor keep up the GREAT work!!!!!

Jillian "Jade"
I began my storage search online. O'Connor Self Storage was a convenient location with a reasonable price. Coy was very helpful. I submited most information through her email contacts since I had to work that day and would not arrive until almost closing time. Coy waited until I got there and had my paperwork ready to just review and sign. I was unsure of the size I really needed and she offered me the larger unit for the price of the smaller one, it was just an inside unit so you could not drive up to it. That was okay with me because I did not have much to store! I was in and out in less than 20 minutes. She granted me 24 hour access for the first few days since I was still busy working. When I returned to get a few things out of storage I realized I did not have the code to my combination lock. She had their maintenance guy cut it off and gave me one of their key locks until I was able to replace mine!